Sony-Ericsson W800i + IOGear Stereo Headset = No Dice

After throwing my hands up in frustration, infomercial-style, at the flimsy tangly wired earbuds that came with my W800, I decided that wireless was definitely the way to go. I bought a pair of IOGear Bluetooth Headphones (model GBMH201) from Buy.com which arrived this morning.

I charged them for two hours, managed to get the to pair with my phone, but then discovered that they promptly disconnect from the phone after about 10 seconds. Worse, even when they're paired the phone won't play music through them. I guess that means that the W800i doesn't support the A2DP (advanced audio distribution profile). I updated the phone to the latest firmware using SE's update utility, but still no dice. So I'm shipping the headphones back to Buy.com later this week.


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