Minor Annoyances, Part III: The Quicktime Pro Tax

This one's been beaten to death, so I'll be brief. Apparently the friendly folks at Apple don't think that $130 is too much to spend for a point release of their operating system, and in some respects I'm inclined to agree. Typically they add a number of new features that don't exactly come for free, development-wise. But then they expect me to shell out another $30 to set a flag that enables some menu items in their not-really-any-better-than-Windows-Media-Player-which-is-free media app. That's annoying. Much like the worst crippleware shareware, $30 is just little enough that you feel like it's not really worth anything, and just enough that you can't really justify spending it on impulse. But then they have the gall to take their otherwise pretty nice Web browser and cripple it, too! Right-clicking on a link to a .mov file disables the normal "Save Target As" link and replaces it with a grayed-out save link that tells you that you must pay or you may not save ze mooovie. Fuckers! This is precisely the sort of childproofing that just annoys the hell out of me, and makes me want to circumvent it, not to mention seriously reconsider if I want to continue doing business with the vendor. And don't get me started on how you can't use iTunes to move your (legally purchased) music from, say, your home computer to your work computer using your iPod.


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