Sony-Ericsson W800i (Verdict: Bad Ass)

My lovely and talented boyfriend got me this kick-ass phone as a Christmas present. Unfortunately due to the vagaries of getting expensive electronics into Canada (only to be taken back out), I didn't get it until just a few days ago. It's pretty well chock full of features: Bluetooth, 2MP camera, flashlight, FM radio, and a media player. The display is phenomenally clear, with crisp, snappy animations and no UI lag (unlike my previous phone, the very sexy but woefully-underpowered Siemens SL55). The camera is fully compatible with iPhoto, and the phone plays .m4a (AAC) files from iTunes. It doesn't play restricted .m4p files (like those purchased from the iTunes Music Store), but vee haff vays of getting around that. Battery life so far also looks excellent (again, in contrast to the SL55). And it's only about as big as an open SL55, and not much heavier.


At 12:53 AM, Anonymous Dan Shapiro said...

Try opening and closing a java app 5 times. Result? Poof, crash. Sony has some work to do on their JVM implementation...

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