Minor Annoyances Part I: SourceForge.net

Sometimes I like to browse the web in Safari on my local machine while installing updates on a remote machine in a terminal window. Typically I'll try to find a link to the download on the web and right click it, selecting "Copy Link." Then I type wget "<pasted URL>" in my terminal window to put the file on the machine in question. So the first part of this rant is against links called "Download" that don't actually download. If the link is going to lead to a page that has me pick a mirror, the text should specify such, goddammit! I can't even count the number of times I've wgetted a file only to find the file consisted of a html comprising a mirror-selection page. The next part of this rant is against what happens once you've selected a mirror. At this point it loads a page that says "the download should have started automatically", as though I have nothing better to do than look at your goddamned ad page while the download downloads to the wrong place. Good thing we don't pay for incoming bandwidth. How about a nice simple link to the file, folks?


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