Does AJAX Suck?

Here's a delightful spoof of a 1996 Jakob Nielsen article entitled Why AJAX sucks.

While the arguments are generally valid, it misses an important point: nobody (for sufficiently large values of "no") is using AJAX for information presentation. Sure, there's the occasional client-sorted table, but in general AJAX is being used to replicate content creation apps in the browser, rather than for content presentation.

This is in stark contrast to the scourge of frames (and don't get me started on all-Flashâ„¢ sites) which are primarily intended for use by end users, and have all the attendant problems like breaking bookmarks and the Back button. But I don't know if anyone really expects the Back button to un-send an email they just sent in Gmail.

(I can go on for pages on all the reasons frames suck, since I've had to deal with them for the past six years here at work. If you'd like me to do so, please post a comment accordingly)



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