South Central Pond?

I think I just found a watermark in Google Maps: South Central Pond, across the Duwamish from S Boeing Access Road. On the satellite view it shows up as a building and parking lot.

Then there's the non-existent roundabout on this map. I think this one's a simple error, since there is a roundabout at Cordata and Kellog (and now one at Westerly as well).


At 11:13 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also noticed this. I doubt it is a mistake. It was probably a little oxbow, an area that flooded a lot, or maybe a retention pond they just drained and developed the property. I think this spot is technically in Des Moines. Its right next to the Duwamish, and when you go by on I-5 when it has been raining a lot, its not hard to see how this spot would be susceptible to flooding.


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