I started this blog largely for writing practice. If I have a reader or two, so much the better. Anyway, in keeping with the first point, here's another (belated) FridayFive:

  1. What the HELL ARE YOU DOING??!?!?!?!? (this weekend)
    Hanging out with G as usual. Maybe going to a car show on Sunday. Nothing too exciting.
  2. If you had to go see one of three people perform a “comedy show” and those three people were Carrot Top, Gallagher, or Gilbert Gottfried, who would you go see and why?
    I'd have to go with Gilbert Gottfried, just because I read a great quote about him having “a shrill voice so manic that he makes Jerry Lewis sound like Morgan Freeman.”
  3. If you had to pick one television show that you watched in the 80's to be successful today with a new cast and a new set, which one would you pick and why?
    I didn't watch a whole lot of TV in the 80's, since my parents were basically TV nazis and limited us to a half hour a day. But I really liked the anime series Star Blazers aka Space Battleship Yamato. Given what they could do even five years ago with low-budget computer graphics, it could be one badass recreation.
  4. It's time for a Christmas list. Tell me the one thing that you want more than anything else this Christmas. (Please make sure it is a tangible thing that is reasonable. I don't want anyone writing about how they want to know who killed JFK as their Christmas present.)
    I'd really like one of those 20" iMacs. It would replace my TV and hold all my music and crap that there isn't really room for on this here iBook. I don't really have $1700 to spare, so I'm not going to buy it for myself. Hence the gift value. Maybe when I sell the house.
  5. If you had to listen to a Weird Al Song on a loop for a two-hour period, which song would you choose and why?
    That one about the good old days and torturing rats with a hacksaw. That reminds me...I need to set my rat trap.


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