Cingular Text Message Scam?

I'm nearing my wits end with these guys. For the past two months they've been charging me one minute per text message. I had thought that that was just for overage, but looking at my current bill online (with its $20/month 2500-message add-on), it looks like this is for all text messages. So be aware that any time you send or receive a text message through Cingular you're being charged 1 minute. Their phone rep basically said that they weren't "real" minutes and that I should wait until I get my bill and see if I get charged for them. But they sure seem to want "real" money at the end of the month. Unfortunately their North America plan is almost too good to pass up. But if this keeps up, I'm gone. Update: It turns out the minutes listed online aren't in fact "real" minutes. So basically their website sucks, which isn't great, but isn't inexcusable either. It also turns out that I've turned into something of a chatterbox, and that that's where most of my usage charges are coming from. Unfortunately, I can't upgrade because they've discontinued their North America plan, and I've only still got it because of some sort of grandfather clause. Guess I'll have to learn to shut my trap.


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