Minor Annoyances, Part IV: The Right Click Trap

This one's for all you nitwits out there that trap right mouse clicks your a web pages. Instead of bringing up my contextual menu, I get a shitty little JavaScript finger wagging at me with some poorly-thought-out argument about why I shouldn't be able to save a copy of your image. Do the words "fair use" mean anything to you? Do you realize that I already have a copy of your image on my hard drive? Are you familiar with "View Source..."? Furthermore, how do you know I'm not trying to look up your five-dollar word in my dictionary? How do you know I'm not trying to, say, Google the product you sell so that I can purchase it? You douchebags can go fuck yourselves while I wget your precious little image files. You like apples? How 'bout them apples? An ongoing theme in this blog is my annoyance with childproof software and hardware. This is my word for products with security "features" that don't really work, but seemingly exist just to inconvenience me. Pretty much any DRMed product fits into this category. These sorts of un-features make me want to do everything in my power to a) circumvent them and b) avoid ever doing business with the person that's trying to feed me this bullshit. Don't get me started on how you won't let me fast-forward through the silly little copyright warning you put at the beginning of my DVD that I just legally purchased! Fuckers!


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